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In this post we will go through one of my favorite techniques for building intelligent systems — causal thinking and modeling. Thinking in terms of cause and effect comes in very handy when trying to model the world and tease out answers from the model itself. Perhaps more importantly, it allows me to communicate seamlessly with domain experts and the rest of our team.

I work on the Elsa Health team where we build decision support technology for healthcare providers. …

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Anomaly Detection also known as Novelty Detection or One Class Classification, is a technique applied when your dataset is extremely imbalanced or entirely made up of just one class.

This is common when dealing with fraud detection, or any case where outliers rarely happen among the sample population. In our case, we are dealing with Cervical Cancer data from the Ocean Road Cancer Research Institute in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In this post, we will look at how we can use a classic Auto-encoder Neural Network to easily train a network to identify anomalies.


It is possible to use Auto-encoders…

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Even though Linear Regression is a problem that is probably better solved by other machine learning techniques such as Support Vector Machines and the like, it is still a crucial piece to understand in order to build more complicated models over time.

Linear regression can be defined as a way to understand the linear relationship between two values, X and Y. In this post we will train a model to understand the hidden linear function in our data and predict Y given X for the function y = 3x + 4, illustrated below:

State management in React has been a very turbulent landscape since the very beginning of the React era. With an overwhelming number of options, hopefully react context will change this in time.

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User satisfaction and comfortability is at the forefront of all the applications we build at Inspired Ideas, including our free telemedicine service Dr. Elsa.

Working primarily with an audience that is split between English and Swahili speakers, supporting the two languages was a no-brainer. In this post I will share how simple it is to support two languages in React Native using the finally supported react context (officially…

Over the weekend of 7th April 2018, my team and I were invited to the IndabaX Kenya event, organized by the wonderful Women In Machine Learning (WIML) group, to present a poster and share on our AI powered Health and Telemedicine project and the experience was truly nothing short of inspiring.

In this post I will talk a little about what went on during the event, what I learnt, and what I was able to share with the great vibrant community of Nairobi!

The Event

Indaba — Strengthening African ​Machine Learning — and the Indaba events are a great effort by African…

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If you have used react-native for any significantly sized project, you will have realized by now that it is super easy to get something up and running, perhaps even (kind of) ready for beta release, and you will also by now know that navigation can be a <BadWord language=“en” /> , enter react-native-navigation.

After trying a bunch of navigators, I can safely say react-native-navigation was a huge game changer for my team — amazing performance, active community, backed by Wix, and super easy to use! …

I tried out PyTorch after hearing all hype surrounding the framework and I have never looked back!
Coming from a Tensorflow background, the simplicity of PyTorch was so very alien and surely it couldn’t be this easy. I assure you though, it is!

In this post we will first introduce PyTorch, keywords and concepts, and build a simple feedforward neural network that will learn the underlying function of the given quadratic equation below:

f(x) = y = 8x² + 4x — 3 :

This post aims to get our feet wet in PyTorch. To install PyTorch follow the instructions on the website

PyTorch is awesome!
- Abraham Lincoln

Introduction to PyTorch:


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